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FAQs About Phox domains


The online equivalent of a physical address is a domain name. It determines how users will find your website.

The website you’re looking for should be among the top search results if you simply type the name of a website or company into Google’s search bar. Like and, is a domain name. The name of your website or online business should be the same as your domain, if possible.


We merely require a working payment method and your most basic contact details.

You are not even have to be an existing customer to use Hostinger’s domain checker. You can point a domain you bought from us at an other company’s hosting account.


WHOIS protection is another name for privacy protection. It conceals details about a domain name’s owner that would typically be accessible via a WHOIS lookup.

You can protect your privacy by replacing your name, address, phone number, email address, and business name with a set of generic, non-identifiable details using domain privacy protection.


Your domain name is analogous to your address, and your web hosting is analogous to your house. To begin a website, you’ll need a domain name that others can use to find you, as well as hosting that houses the website itself.

Domains and web hosting are inextricably linked. While one can exist without the other, they work best together. This is why many hosting companies offer domains and many registrars provide hosting.